I am a mostly middle-of-the-pack sort of runner who got into running because I was bored and done with college sports. I ran my first unofficial race out in New Mexico called the Owl Bar run where students are allowed to run from the school of New Mexico Tech starting at the front gates and running down south to the Owl Bar in San Antonio via a gravel road. I had no clue what a half marathon was or how to prepare, and just did it– twice, the first time getting lost a few miles. When I returned to my hometown in Virginia I decided to train for a real half marathon (not like the distance before wasn’t real, but the race was done on your own merit and time). After that, I trained and did my first full marathon a few month later.

Currently I seek out many challenges in making myself faster and by going further, seeing what can possibly fail me without breaking me.


On this page, don’t plan to find anything truly magnificent, but do expect to read through some spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, ADHD mindset writing jumping from topic to topic (possibly even forgetting what I was talking about), and my personal adventures and journeys across the land. No, seriously, I am aiming to race once in every state, although I hesitate about doing Alaska (I’m allergic to the cold, I swear).

I will speak up here that I do have ADHD, I have a genetic hormone malfunction with estrogen filtration (I basically don’t filter estrodiol) which makes me very tired, causes my thyroid to go haywire, irregular cycles, storage of fat in the thighs, bad acne, and PMS mostly nonstop. I would like to somehow bring awareness that its not only menopausal women who have hormone issues, although this has been something for me that countless doctors have pushed aside (treat the symptoms not the cause), women in their early 20s to late 40s have issues and doctors refuse to test for it. I currently self-medicate using DIM to try and control the symptoms. I encourage all women, and men too, that if something doesn’t seem right, be your own self-advocate and get help.

I am presently an ambassador for Altra Running shoes. Please contact me if you want to chat or ask questions! I am currently 30 years old, a transplant from rural Virginia to suburbia Wisconsin. Happy reading!