Coaching Corner

In February 2018, I completed my RRCA level 1 Coaching certification requirements. One of my life goals is to coach others to success. I have great pride in helping others achieve their goals, no matter what they are. With that said, I will coach any distance, any kind of race, up to 100k, road or trail or whatever is in-between, any pace that is forward, and any kind of runner. I have yet to do 100 miles or beyond, and although I have the theory of how coaching one works, I do not have the confidence/experience needed in my personal opinion to coach those yet, although I am always open to a challenge.

I believe it is highly important you have confidence in a coach that you work well with. I also believe that being remote has little to do with quality of coaching! What I like to do with new clients is get an in-depth background that includes (and not limited to): past injuries, experience, goals/stretch goal/long term/ short term goals, expectations of each other, equipment available to the client, length of training/coaching period discussions.

It is advisable, but not necessary that coaching begin when you are beginning training for your event(s) and end 1-2 weeks post event (a recovery training week) to get the most out of it. This time depends on the distance and experience. Someone training for a marathon who has been running half marathons throughout the year will not need as much time as someone who has never run a marathon aiming for the marathon distance.

Is coaching right for me? Coaching can be valuable if you are going into unknown territory, shooting for that first landmark distance, or pace, or even a specific event! A lot of people use coaching as a way to have someone accountable for their training, whether they tend to not do workouts, or workout too much. Coaching is great to know you will get a plan tailored specifically to you and your needs/goals. There are several people who do not know there is more than one way to train, we can discuss options openly and decided together what is best for you. Coaching also opens up a way to ask questions you may have about anything related to training 24/7 basically (given I am awake). This can be invaluable.

Most of my experiences are well versed and collected from different climates, destinations around the world, and topographies. I have experience in tough and easy trails (single track, old rail beds, crushed limestone, bike paths, forests, dirt paths) and roads (including the most flat the the mountainous). I have experience running in extreme heat and cold ( +95°F/humid to 0°F and wind and snow/rain/ice). I also have experience dealing with old injuries (I played soccer for 20+ years) and am very sensitive to injuries that may occur during training, though one of my number one goals is to keep everyone injury free! I have prior experience working in a triathlon/running store and can provide insight and advice on running form and shoe/equipment choices. This can easily be coached online with video too.

What to expect: Weekly/daily communication if need be. At least once a week I will send out a schedule of planned workouts based on your needs, but can be expanded out to two to four weeks if needed. Most weeks for running (if you do no other crosstraining, and we can talk about that!), you will have a speed workout (hills if necessary), a tempo run, a long run, and a recovery run/workout.

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions!

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